Turf and Lawn Installation Central Coast

Turf and Lawn Installation Service on the Central Coast

Don’t waste your weekends spending time turfing your lawn. Let the friendly team at Oaks Mowing take care of all your turf and lawn installation needs.

Oaks Mowing will organise the process from start to finish, from ordering your turf to the installation process.

Turf Installation Process

TURF Preparation

The first step is to check the quality of your soil. If your existing soil doesn’t meet the standards needed to provide your lawn a great start then we will excavate out the old soil and replace it with our premium soil blend.

At this point the we will level the soil. Should you wish to have an irrigation system in place this will be when the system is installed.


Turf Installation

Your turf will be delivered to your project on your installation date ready to start.

Once that happens we will get to work on laying your turf.


Clean Up

Of course! We’ll clean up any dirt, cut-offs, and any other mess created during the installation process to leave your area looking complete and pristine.



Lawn After Care

Oaks Mowing offers professional after care advice. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind after your new turf is installed.


To assist the lawn to grow well, water is important. You need to water your new lawn once a day for a week, then every two to three days until it is established. To see if your lawn is established correctly you can try and lift the edge, and continue watering even after the edge no longer lifts away from the ground.


After your lawn is established, with its root system beginning to integrate with the ground underneath the turf, you will eventually need to mow the growing lawn. New lawns usually can be mowed two to four weeks after being laid, but make sure you only mow the tips of your lawn to increase its health and strength.


A healthy lawn requires regular fertilisation, not just fertilisation prior to laying turf. You can use a slow-release fertiliser and a hand-held or wheeled fertiliser dispenser and then rake the formula gently through your lawn. It is often wise to repeat your fertilisation efforts at the start of spring and in the middle of summer and autumn.

Residential Mowing

Our team will keep your home looking amazing so you don't have to spend your weekends mowing your lawns.

Central Coast Ride-on and Acreage Mowing

Rural and Acreage

Our professional team can help keep your property looking amazing with our ride-on and acreage mowing and grounds maintenance services.

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