Tree pruning Central Coast and Lake Macquarie

Keeping your trees healthy and safe

Whether you live on a rural property with acreage or in a residential area, maintaining the trees on your property helps to prolong the life of the tree. We clear away dead foliage and remove any excess weight caused by overgrowth. Whether it is trimming large trees across your property or trimming your hedges, our highly experienced team will ensure your trees remain strong and healthy.


The best way to keep the trees on your property healthy and safe is by regularly pruning them. By removing branches that are being weighed down and are overgrown will help to minimise the risk of branches snapping, or the whole tree being brought down in a storm.

With our latest equipment, a chipping machine which allows heavier branches to be fed through (which will minimise time and disruption to your day), and specialist tree trimming chainsaws, we are able to get into hard to access areas to prune your trees. Our chipper is light weight and agile, so we can access your paddocks, where a large chipper wouldn’t be able to.

Trimming services include:

Removal of dead branches

Mulch, fallen branches

Thin out overgrowth

Removal of decaying or dead branches

We can attend to any species of tree from local gum trees to tropical palm trees and conifers.


Let us help you to take control of your overgrown hedges or trees that have become a hindrance. Call us today- we will trim back any sized hedge or tree to keep them the shape that you want, and train them to grow to a specific size to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. It is a great way to tidy up your property and provide definition to your garden. Creating a well-developed hedge offers privacy and shade for years to come.

Once we have trimmed or pruned your trees and hedges around your property our chipper will turn it into mulch. We can either take it away with us or leave it for you to use around your garden.

Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote to ensure the safety and health of the hedges and trees on your property. We will recommend which trees will need attention and which ones will need pruning in the future. It is peace of mind knowing you have the trees around your home and your paddocks safe and well maintained.

To ensure the health of your trees and the safety of your property we recommend you trim your trees once every two years and your hedges twice a year to keep them under control.